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Virtual & Thoughtful Exterior Home Design Services

We make it quick, easy & affordable to get exterior home design you absolutely love.

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5 Step Process to the Perfect Exterior Design

Approximate Design Price: $1800 - $3500

Take or Send Photos

We'll either take photos on-site for you, or you can send us the photos we need for a virtual service.

Discuss Dreams & Possibilities

We'll guide you in a discovery process that unboxes your needs, wants and wishes for your home's exterior.

Collaborative Process & Feedback

We'll work with you to come up with a handful of amazing designs that match your aesthetics & budget.

Material List, Plan & Budget

We build an exact list of materials, and can even connect you to a preferred contractor that will deliver on-time & on-budget

Contractor Guidance

We'll guide you to choose the right contractor to build your project.

Exterior House Designing Services

An Affordable & Exhaustive Service to Get the Perfect
Exterior Home Design

People’s exterior designs are often not as beautiful or unique as they could be, because they don’t work with an exterior design expert.  

We have a simple, affordable & exhaustive process to ensure you absolutely love your home's exterior design.

what we do

Get the Perfect Exterior Home Design & Material Lists

Let us take the stress out of designing your home's exterior.

We'll develop a series of designs and material lists for your home so you can easily get the best exterior home design possible.

We help you exhaust every design option.

We take photos, or you send them to us yourself.

We provide design leadership while listening to your direction.

Make Your Home Look Stunning.

Easily Get The Best Exterior Design

Our in-person, or virtual exterior home design services provide striking 3D renderings, allowing you to confidently visualize your dream exterior before any physical work is done. Partner with us to create the perfect design for your home.

Our Core Values

Deliver Above Expecations

We're careful not to help too many people at once, because we're focused on delivering above expectations on every project.

Provide Leadership & Guidance

We draw out of our customers and listen to them, while providing design leadership and guidance to avoid regrets.

Deliver Value & 
ExcellEnt Service

We know how critical your design plans are, and we'll make sure that you, your contractor and every party involved experiences excellent communication & service.

Exterior Home Design Services

Don't Remodel Without the Perfect Design

Most people miss out on having a truly stunning, perfectly designed exterior for their home. I specialize in helping you create an exhaustive & perfect exterior home design.

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Custom Digital Home Renderings near Minneapolis MN

Don't Settle for a Mediocre Exterior Home Design

We're passionate about helping people get the absolute best exterior home design, without breaking the bank.

Coherent Design Wisdom

We'll help you create a design you love, but also aligns with design principles of excellence.

Bring YOur Vision to Reality

Collaborate with us to transform your dream into a stunning reality.

Achieve Exterior Design Excellence

Attain excellence in exterior design with our collaborative approach and industry knowledge.

Concept to Creation: Bringing Your Vision to Life

We excel at transforming your conceptual ideas into breathtaking realities. With our expertise in virtual design services, we skillfully bridge the gap between your vision and the final creation.

Our talented team works closely with you, ensuring that every detail aligns with your concept, resulting in a truly remarkable and personalized outcome that surpasses your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me estimate the cost of my exterior remodeling project?

Yes, we can recommend you the amount of materials needed for your project, and then you can take them to your remodeler to build what we came up with.

Do I need any special software or equipment to use the virtual exterior remodeler?

No, you do not need any kind of software or equipment to use the virtual remodeler.

We just take the images you take of your house or we go out and take some pictures of the exterior and work our magic!

How does virtual exterior design work?

Our specific process to design an exterior for you is:

  1. You send photos of your houses exterior and we talk about ideas
  2. We work to design the home we talk about
  3. You get a detailed design and a recommended materials list

Can virtual exterior design be used for both renovations and new construction?


You can provide us a blueprint that is used for your new construction and we can design an exterior project that looks excellent!

Whats the difference between a rendered exterior design vs. a drawing?

A rendered design is a 3D image including realistic textures, lighting, and shadows to give a full representation of the end of the project.

A drawing is usually a 2D can also represent the exterior design of a home, however it does not provide detailed aspects of the project.

Do you offer virtual consultations?

If you are located outside of Minnesota, we can do a virtual consultation, however we highly recommend an in-person consultation so we can see the entire property and ensure it fits well with the surroundings.

What is digital home exterior design, and how does it work?

Digital home exterior design allows us to create a 3D rendering or visual representation of what your home could potentially look like.

It allows the homeowner to see what a potential renovation could be and it provides an accurate depiction.

Digital design involves the use of specialized software to create aesthetic elements like color, materials, landscaping, and lighting.

This design can be continually adjusted and revised until the desired outcome is achieved.

Can you work with me remotely, or do you only work with clients in a specific area?

We can work with clients that live all over the nation.

If you live within Minnesota we will try and meet up and take a look at the exterior of your home and take pictures of the house.

What is the cost of your design service?

Our prices are determined based on the project's size, scope, and complexity.

Smaller projects and limited budgets can still get an upscale design, advice, and improved value to their home that more than cover our costs.

Often you can get our fees entirely or partially covered by your contractor.

Contact us, and we will gladly give you a free, no-obligation quote.

How many designs or revisions do we get?

We don’t limit the number of designs.

We feel it is very important to explore different ideas and options.

Sometimes it helps to mentally check off some thoughts after seeing them on your house.

We don’t want our clients to feel restrained in asking to see a change or limit them to something like three designs.

Within reason, we don’t charge extra for additional design revisions.

Will you render our house with our own ideas so that we can see if we will like it?


Our philosophy is to create the best design for you, the homeowner.

We love to provide and suggest all sorts of design ideas, but some of the best ones often come directly from the homeowners themselves.

On the flip side, we have also had homeowners who decided to do something entirely different after seeing their ideas in a true-to-life rendering.

They didn’t like what they thought they would like and were so happy that they used our service.

After all, It’s easy to make changes on the computer, and it is not so easy when it is already on the home!

Can we hire you as a consultant?

Yes, we can do consulting!

After re-designing hundreds and hundreds of homes, we have a lot of knowledge of products, materials, and colors and would love to offer our expertise.

While initial consultation meetings are always free, we can be hired hourly afterward.

I live in a different state, can I still hire you and get your design service?


We have recently started to work nationally.

Most of our correspondence and communication is done through phone calls and email anyway, so contact us, and we’ll gladly explain the process.

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